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A couple of days will mark my one year anniversary on Newgrounds. For everything this website and the community has given to me, it's hard to state my thoughts properly or give back enough, so I guess this is when I write my lame-ass biography instead since I'm an average internet user full of himself.

When I started my journey here, I had been in search of somewhere to post my art that could manage to garner a community without the bullshit. Twitter was long a shithole at that point, DeviantArt is too busy imitating ArtStation and I'd want to shoot myself before using Reddit. Along the way, I was reminded of Newgrounds and although I was skeptical of it at first, curious how this decades old site truly stood to the test of time, I signed up regardless on Christmas morning. Through the first week, I kept to myself browsing submissions and did my best to get familiar with the layout so I would know how things worked.


This is what the site looked like on my signup

After uploading my first artwork, I found myself staggering onto the BBS like a drunk with one leg. I don't exactly know when I had gotten attached to General and it's people, but I know I don't plan on leaving it anytime soon. The community individually welcomes a new user in their own unique way, making this place seem more like an actual room of human beings than some blank void with a bunch of turds screaming at each other about nothing. With politics kept to it's own disposal bin and everybody keeping the true internet spirit alive, I knew I had found the home my grown highschool loner heart yearned for. Sixteen art pieces, almost three and a half thousand posts on the BBS, a forgotten submission to a game and an interview by a demonic marshmallow(?), here we are.

I guess some rando could say this post is made out of celebration and my gratefulness for this website. I'd certainly see the perspective. But I think in the bigger picture, this was made out of reflectance, seeing how I've gotten through it all. This past year of my life has been full of twists and turns. (But I know you don't give a fuck about hearing it and I don't give enough of a fuck to tell it, so let's just keep that mutuality between us, huh?) Or possibly, this was made with nothing in mind at all, just gliding my fingers across my keyboard to present some sick perception of sanity.

Regardless, cheers to one year, but I don't drink and I ain't doing any cutesy "Apple Juice in a mug" crap, so we could just cross piss streams and call it a night to remember.



Something for later...

Here I'd list users I found especially cool throughout the year, but there's too many to remember in one sitting, so I'm just gonna pull the "You know who you are" cop-out.